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Founder, Creative Director of www.angercontrol.biz, and CEO of Soulprosperity LLC, a seminar training and consulting company, impacting thousands of attendees by facilitating corporate workshops nationwide with a focus on soft skills topics such as Emotional IntelligenceConflict Management and Confrontation Skills, How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior, and Dealing With Difficult People.

No stranger to tough times, I've endured a string of business and relationship failures, homelessness and a serious bout of depression too; Now as  a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Minister with training and work in Addictions Counseling, my approach to supporting clients integrates my  personal and real life experiences to reach a wide range of seminar audiences to include the US Navy, TSA Federal Air Marshall Service, Subway, Ponce De Leon Federal Bank, and Rakuten Global Marketing to name a few.

Lately while out on the road, I've been eating cleaner and managing to fit in a cardio routine, otherwise picture me sharpening my tools or creating some form of written expression.  In music, I can groove to it...just as long as it's laced with that 80s Go-Go swing.

I am a proud father, a blessed grandfather and a U.S Air Force Veteran based in Baltimore, Md.

Reginald Cotton

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